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Colorado's Best Beef Company is a family-owned, natural beef operation. The Ferris and Elliott families have joined forces to provide an alternative source of beef to the discriminating consumer. The Charolais(Shar-o-lay) and Charolais influenced beef has long been renowned for its high quality eating experience: flavorful, tender and lean. The quality of the meat is due, not only to the aging of the beef for 14- 21 days before processing, but also an inherent genetic predisposition for tenderness.

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Colorado Natural Best Beef was developed after much interest in our marketing program for Our Home Raised Colorado natural beef. We raise our beef here in the North Eastern Plains of Colorado. All animals are born here, grown in big grass fields and then finished on an all natural diet of alfalfa hay and ground corn grown on our farm. The animals are raised free of hormones and antibiotics. They are given plenty of room to grow and play and are treated very humanely. We have found through many years of doing this that this produces the most tender and flavorful meat products that you will ever taste. Our beef definitely qualifies as Colorado best beef.

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5280 Beef®/5280 Land & Cattle Co. LLC is a Colorado-based beef operation that raises 100% grass-fed/100% grass-finished beef. Our goal with 5280 Beef is to supply our customers with a high quality, healthy and affordable beef product. Our livestock graze exclusively in northwest Colorado and are 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished. Our water is sourced from the White River Valley and during the winter months, we utilize home grown hay. Our cattle roam free and are never confined to a feedlot. Our animals live in a healthy, low stressed environment and are NOT given growth hormones, supplements, steroids or antibiotics. It is our attention to detail and consistent approach which results in a great tasting and healthy beef product. Place an order today and taste the difference for yourself!

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Grass Roots Meats provides all natural grass-finished beef and lamb, as well as free-range chicken, raised without added hormones or antibiotics.  Our animals are on pasture from the day they are born to the day they are taken to the processor, a small family owned USDA plant, where they are processed in a very humane fashion.  Our all natural, free range chickens are raised by a producing partner in western Colorado.  We ship primarily throughout the western United States in specially insulated boxes to insure that the meat arrives still frozen, but we can also ship to anywhere within the continental United States.

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Western Colorado Beef LLC is a family-owned, local beef producer with consumer needs as our top priority.
Our beef is raised on high mountain grass in Colorado. They are bred and raised by us all natural and grass fed, meaning no growth hormones, no steroids and especially no feed antibiotics. We provide a low stress life for our cattle. Studies show that grass- fed cattle with low stress have many health benefits for consumers and also provide the best flavor and tenderness. In raising these cattle this way, we feel comfortable and at ease that we are providing you with the best, most healthy beef.

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Lasater Grasslands Beef is great tasting because our cattle are finished on grass; they spend their entire lives grazing in open pastures and are never confined in feedlots or fed grain. They are not given growth hormones or low-level antibiotics and are not treated with pesticides.
We have been ranching for more than a century, looking at our surroundings holistically instead of in parts. One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is that everything in Nature has a purpose... the ant, prairie dog, the coyote, the porcupine... This lesson governs every aspect of our business. We refuse to compromise when it comes to Nature–in a very real sense, she is our most valued business partner and the source of our business philosophy.